USA. Coronavirus has caused a sharp decline in container shipping for retailers

USA. Coronavirus has caused a sharp decline in container shipping for retailers

Experts freight broker mentorship program predicted such a course of events at the beginning of 2020 and analyzed about ten ports in the country. According to the analysis, a report was provided in which it was highlighted that the amount of imports does not directly correlate with retail sales or employment, because. they take into account only the number of containers, but not the value of the goods in them.

Jonathan Gold, vice president of NRF, in his report shows that the economy is recovering, but retail chains are in no hurry to bring in more imported goods than they can sell.

Working in a warehouse and filling them with goods is not profitable. Trade will return to normal when Congress takes the necessary steps to enrich consumers and these will affect the liquidity of businesses.

According to analytical reports, US ports handled almost 5% more cargo in June than in May, but compared to last year, this figure is almost 11% lower over the same period.

If the forecasts of experts come true, then the predicted result for container traffic will be lower by 9.4% compared to 2019. And since 2016, this will be the lowest volume of containerized cargo handled at US ports.

Statistics for the first half of 2020 show a decrease of more than 10% in container transshipment volumes.

Volumes are still declining due to the crisis that has replaced the coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning of June, a record decline in marine traffic was recorded, which occurred due to the cancellation of many flights due to a drop in demand for transportation.