Dispatching and Logistics services for Freight Motor Carriers

Dispatching and Logistics services for Freight Motor Carriers

The transportation and logistics system in a state is a very important process in its mode of operation. 

For America, road transport is the primary mode of transportation. Most of the cargo is transported by it.

In the freight market there are both large companies and firms with a fleet of less than fifty trucks. There are individual transportation companies, whose fleet consists of one truck. In this case an individual acquires or leases it together with the license for transportation.

There are also “owner-operators”, those who own one truck, but do not have a license for cargo transportation. That is why they offer their services to trucking companies. 

In addition, mentality is very important. Americans are not always willing to work for the amount offered by the employer.

Regarding rates per mile. 

A truck driver gets 50-60 cents, 

a refrigerated truck driver gets 55 to 65 cents,

a tractor-trailer driver with an open flatbed trailer gets 70-80 cents, 

How fuel consumption is tracked

There are systems in place to monitor a driver’s draining of fuel from the tank.

Are there work rules for drivers?

Of course, and their implementation is closely monitored by the Department of Transportation.

Mandatory compliance with the norm of working hours.

The daily rate is 14 hours, of which half an hour for a break, 

2 hours for loading / unloading, the time that remains, falls on the driving.

When 70 hours are over, the driver urgently needs to rest. The driver has 34 hours to do this. 

If the driver violates the work regime, there will be very serious consequences. To begin with, he will be stopped and forcibly asked to rest for the required 10 hours.

If the DOT finds fault with the truck, the driver will be removed from the trip. Until he fixes the vehicle and gets permission to drive again, he won’t go anywhere.

Worst of all, if an inspection at your office reveals problems with reporting. 

“Out of service” are always recorded and transferred to a special database. In the event that such cases made a whole list, then you will not work anymore.

How does the process of cargo transportation work?

As a rule, the process is streamlined to automatism and works under the following principle: the customer turns to the broker who contacts the dispatcher. He, in turn gives the job to the manager, who is always in touch with the broker and driver. And the last link is the driver himself.  Communication is the key.  And it’s true. This multilateral contact is essential and can help in the event of difficulties.

If you want to see yourself as a dispatcher, no problem. It will be more difficult to become a broker. The first thing to do is to get a license. The difficulty will be that it is necessary to provide guarantees in the amount of 75 thousand dollars to a special bank account. The amount can be deposited in installments. What is this for? In the event that you become insolvent, this amount will cover the disadvantages to your clients. Another important factor to consider. There are natural disasters. As a rule, they entail an increase in orders, fuel prices and seasonal demand. 

But if you see yourself in business as a trucking company, then be prepared to go through a whole documentary procedure of initiation in this direction. The right to make a mistake, you will not have. Everything must be very competently executed. It is better to save nerves, time and money, and turn to professionals with good reviews, high ratings, respect for human principles, and even with the ability to issue everything you need at diplomatic prices. 

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