Container ships

Container ships

They are what we represent when it comes to sea freight. From the name it is obvious that this type of vessel is designed to carry containers. There is a separate classification of containers, according to strict international rules, which correlates with the type of cargo being transported.

The cargo capacity of container ships is indicated in TEU – the maximum number of standard 20-foot containers transported. Container ships are also classified by size, like bulk carriers, but they have special dimensions:

Explorer Class which carries from 16600 to 18200 TEU.

Triple E-Class (“Economy of scale, Energy efficient and Environmentally improved”) that carries between 18,200 and 21,000 TEU.

Container ships basically operate on a principle similar to passenger ships – on the so-called “lines”. That is, there are certain ports on the route and the ship runs according to the schedule according to the appointed order among these ports.